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    WE, Shree Balaji Guar Gum Mill is an part of Shree Balaji Group that is an repotated group since 2006 in manufacturing, suppling, exporting the various guar products like Guar roasted korma, refined guar korma, guar churi, guar gum , Guar gum powder etc. We took holding on large market share in guar products since 2006 by providing unbeatable ranges of guar products. Today, the group have many units which is modernized enough for providing a quality product for satisfaction of our buyers.

    We are Credit rated by ICRA and certified by ISO:9002 and have many more certificates which you can see on our website. +READ MORE

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      • Products (Protein% DM) *Prices*
        Guar Meal Churi:38-42%  
        Raw Guar Korma:48-50%  
        Refined Guar Korma:52-54%  
        Roasted Guar Korma:56-58%  
        Mirconized Korma:58-60%  

    What is Roasted Guar Korma ?

    Guar Korma  is a bi-meal product obtained after processing of guar seeds. The processed Guar Korma Meal is usually rich in proteins and carbohydrates and thus forms a good high protein food for animals, cattle and poultry. This is mainly used to feed the milking animals for getting more milk and more percentage of fat in milk. It is generally cheaper than soya bean meal products and therefore used as substitute for soya bean meal for animal feeding.

    During the guar split manufacturing process, husk and germ are obtained. These are used as a valuable cattle feed as they are rich in protein. Guar Meal is a by-product after processing the Guar Seed. That is, Guar gum is extracted from the guar seed Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba of leguminous plant. The extracted guar meal is further processed by toasting at a high temperature to remove Trypsin Inhibitor, thus improving its nutritive value.

    Features:-    1. 100% Natural (By-Product of Guar Seed).     2. Good source of digestion.     3. Rich in protein and carbohydrates.

    Why Shree Balaji Guar Gum Mill ?

    » Competitive Price     » 100 % Natural Product     » Fully Hygiene     » Safely Manufactured     » Fully Machine Intensive Technique     » Timly Delivered     » Good Relationship Forever

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